20141019-122641-44801396.jpgBIG UP EVERYONE WHO TUNED IN THIS PAST TUESDAY TO THE FIRST EPISODE OF WATCH THIS SOUND!!! your support is everything!

big up SCRATCH FAMOUS of Deadly Dragon Sound System who joined me in the first hour, one of the tuffest people to follow, but the best person for the job! big up TONY of Shanty Town on BBox for passing through the studio to show love, big up ADAM of Old Time Religion Radio Hour who helped me through the technical process & welcomed me to the BBox family, and of course big up Channel Tubes for his continuous love & support!!!

i’m not sure if it was my needle or the tonearm, or the combination of the two, but we had a few silly malfunctions on one deck – nuh matter! it’s important to fumble your way through the beginning of a project, knowing your first attempt will almost definitely be a disaster. i can only grow from here! check out the archive & tune in next TUESDAY at 8pm for more vintage vinyl selections, with special guest JAH POINT of SHOCKWAVE SOUND (Reggay LordsColdspot 8, Rudies Don’t Care)!!! WATCH IT!!!



& BE SURE TO CHECK OUT DEADLY DRAGON SOUND EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT AT THE DELANCEY FOR DOWNTOWN TOP RANKING! NY’s finest foundation style dance. 10pm-4am – 168 Delancey – in the Basement – FREE!

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